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At the end of the day, horses teach us many more valuable lessons than just “heels down”. Let them into your life, treat them with respect, and the rewards will be endless...


Chino Police Mounted Posse

 we are a non-profit Community Service Organization. The Posse is committed to providing aid and assistance to the Chino community. The men and woman of the Posse attend City functions as well as other outside activities. The membership is an equestrian unit composed of civilian volunteers and sworn officers, trained to assist in emergency situation or perform special mounted services as directed by the Chino Police Department. Since 1990 we have acted as a color guard and community ambassador for the City of Chino Police Department, which is dedicated to providing excellent service. Chino Police badge
We meet on the first Thursday of each month at the Chino Police Department. Please take the time to look through our website. If you would like to attend a monthly meeting to just check us out please contact us and we will send information for you to attend...